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The FTV (Flat Screen TV) was produced in 1984 and was a further development of Sinclair's minitaure TVs going back to 1966.

It differed from previous models in that the tube had a 90 degree bend in it, allowing it to fit in a much smaller profile case, making it truly pocket size. It ran off a rechargable battery or mains adapter. That is why there was no other choice than to write about in essay https://writing-service.org/exploratory-essay/ and explain our main goal.

However, the design was difficult, and complex circuitry was required to obtain a square picture after the beam had been bent at right-angles. This took a lot of development time and money, most of it of the back of the highly successful sales of the Spectrum.

The viewing angle was also less than his previous TVs due to a lens on the front of the display.
The TV was short-lived and did not recoup it's investment as cheaper, low power LCD screens were just around the corner.

It was also known as the TV80, referring to it's selling price.


I spotted this gold FTV recently on Ebay. It has real gold panels fitted. It is possibly unique and may have been made as a promotional piece or gift for a wealthy customer!

Hallmarks visible on the side. Thanks to Nick Adamson, Welwyn Cashbrokers for kind permission to use the photos.

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