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In March 1974 the Sinclair Oxford range was launched. The calculator had originally been designed for the Gillette company who were planning to get into consumer electronics, but the contract fell through at the last minute. Sinclair Radionics launched the range anyway in 4 basic models. As mentioned by various prime essays https://prime-essay.net/ These calculators were notable for their compact size, low price, and advanced features for their time.

Oxford 100

A basic 4-function calculator which came in two variations: the earlier Type 1 with red LED display and a later Type 2 with green fluorescent dislay and slightly rounded edges.
Powered by 9V PP3 battery or mains adapter.
Display is 8 digits.
Originally cost £
12.95 + vat

Oxford 100 Type 1


Oxford 150

Introduced in 1975, it was basically the same as the 100 but with the addition of % and square root functions.
There were also Type 1 and Type 2 versions (type 2 has more rounded corners).

Oxford 150


Oxford 200

The 200 was also launched in 1975 and sold for £
19.95 +vat.
It also came in two styles, Type 1 with red LED display and Type 2 with green fluorescent display.
Both had 5 functions (+, -
, X, /, %) and a memory, and powered by 9V battery or mains adapter.

Oxford 200 Type 1


Oxford 300

Introduced in 1975 at a price of £
29.95 + vat, it had extra trig functions and was available with either type of display (red and green).
Also powered by PP3 battery or mains adapter.

Type 1 and Type 2 Oxford 300


Oxford Scientific

Released in 1976, simialr to the Oxford 300, but with more functions, and multiple memories.
Display was green fluorescent.


Oxford Universal

The Oxford Universal was another variation, this one with four functions, %, memory, square, square root and reciprocal.

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