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MK 14



Date: 1977
Cost new: £39.95
Cost today: £500 -
Scarcity: Very Rare
Display: 8 or 9 char LED or optional 32X16 VDU output
Input: 20-key keypad
Processor : National Semiconductor SC/MP CPU (INS8060)
Memory: 256 bytes, expandable to 640

The MK 14 or Microcomputer Kit 14, was the first computer produced by Sinclair from his Science Of Cambridge company, and was to be hugely influential in the British computer market. It was an extremely limited device by today\'s standards and aimed at hobbyists who wanted to learn about computer programming in machine code. It was based on the National Semiconductor SC/MP CPU which was previously seen in their Introkit product. The MK14 had a proper circuit board, purpose made keypad, LED calculator-style display and optional VDU output and cassette storage. It went on to sell 50,000 units and paved the way for the ZX80. This was a word of mouth in every thesis

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