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Sinclair's first production miniature TV, the TV1A was not a commercial success due to its high price. So, in the autumn of 1978, the cheaper TV1B was launched. It had the same 2 inch screen but only had a UHF tuner, which was sufficient for the UK market, instead both UHF and VHF. It also had a cheaper, moulded plastic case instead of a metal one.
It ran on AA batteries which gave about 12 hours of use, or from a mains adapter.

There were also TV1C and TV1D models which were the US and European variants of the 1B.

Unfortunately, the 1B was not a success either and the plug was pulled in 1979.

No picture on this one, only sound.
Bottom right is the tuning knob. Below that is a thumbwheel for the volume.

The battery compartment is front-right corner.
This one is running off it's mains adapter (jack plug on the side).

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