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The TV1A was a miniature black and white television based on a Cathode Ray Tube with a 2" screen.
It was also known as the Microvision, after a prototype launched in 1966, but it took another 10 years of development before going on sale in the USA at the end of 1976. The initial sale prices was $400 and aimed at the buisness / executive market.

The tube was made for Sinclair by AEG Telefunken in Germany, and the electonics had been custom-designed and so the product was totally new design rather than an adaptation from existing components.

The TV was 4" wide, 6" deep, 1.5" high and weighed 26 ounces. It was powered either by rechargeable batteries or from the mains
and the picture could be viewed comfortably from about a foot away. It functioned on VHF and UHF bands and was the first-ever multi-standard receiver, which meant that it could be used in nearly every foreign country as long as the country used one of the three major TV standards.

Rear view

Top View showing fold-down aerial

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