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Specification :
Manufacturer: Sinclair Radionics
Date: 1967 - 71
Semiconductors: 2 X Transistors ME4102 (MK2)
Batteries: 2 X 1.4V
Output: Earpiece only
Cost: Kit (59/6d), assembled (79/6d)
Waveband : MW

Launched in 1967, tbe Micromatic was essentially a re-packaged version of the earlier Micro-6 and claimed as the world's
smallest, a claim Sir Clive was fond of! The 'matic' in Micromatic was a common term applied in the late 60s for new tech.

The radio circuit utilised only four semiconductor devices consisting of two transistors, and two diodes.
The transistors comprised of a pair of ME4102 devices normally used for general-purpose amplifier applications.

Apparently, the aerial-free design worked well and sold well, up until 1971.

The dial doesn't actually show the frequency it is tuned to as it would be turned twice to cover the range.
Maybe it was to make it look more interesting than a blank one?!

Size was approx. 1 3/8" X 1 7/8"

Insides of the Micromatic
Left - to - right are the ferrite core aerial, tuning capacitor, trnsistors (black) and earpiece socket.

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